7 Steps to Biz Transformation


1. Understand there is no such thing as seven steps to transforming your business.

Business is immune to elixirs and transformation design isn’t like an AA program. You don’t get to control everyone/everything. If you think you’re actually controlling everyone/everything then call your shrink. If these symptoms still persist, fire your shrink and call me.

2. Consider these programs to be snake oil.

We buy the books, follow the gurus and believe the hype because we want to believe it to be true that, “In just 7 steps, you can transform your business and win…”. However, it’s just not that simple. If it was, we’d all be gazillionaires.

3. Be certain transformation is required.

Transformation is dramatic and radical by definition. I love taking part in transformation work with my client partners but I don’t flog it. I find that it’s too quickly jumped on as THE SOLUTION. Firstly, transformation is never the solution (see #5 below). Secondly, it’s a lot of work. First think about all the small, rapid tweaks that can be made to create positive changes in/for your business before committing to this kind of enterprise.

4. Buckle up and hold on tight.

Prepare for things to get messy, exciting, intense, and somewhat painful. Think childbirth, not how you feel after your team loses a nail-biter in overtime. 

5. See transformation as the process, not the goal.

This is super important as a lot of leaders I work with tend to see this the wrong way round. Find a way early on to graft the purpose and prize into how you frame/communicate the process you’re using to get there. Again, think about the term childbirth. We intentionally use the desired outcome to describe the process. This keeps our focus on the end game – the ‘why’ we’re doing this and not the ‘whats’ and ‘hows’. 

6. Recognize that business transformation starts & finishes with your people.

People always do the transforming – either in themselves or by impacting the processes or tools they use to get things done. Terms like ‘Digital Transformation’ may be vogue but are misleading. It’s people who select the technology, who deploy it, and who operate it. And It’s your people who will decide whether to settle for average outcomes or do what’s required to achieve extraordinary, ambitious results.

7.  If you get there, celebrate big time.

Congrats! You accomplished something extraordinary. Celebrate with your people by creating artifacts that remind everyone involved that, “We were here and did this together!” Make them big, bold and visible for everyone to see, share and brag about. It’s worth every penny, creating an appetite for “What’s next?!” throughout your organization and beyond.

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  • Rocketman . . . I was glad to see “Step” #1 was the realization that there aren’t “steps” to transformation of any kind. It’s experiential; therefore, can’t be universally predetermined.

    #4 . . . loved it! Entropy happens. Accept it. Embrace it. Know that it’s gotta happen.

    Keep on pushing and inspiring us.

    • Thanks joanna.life for your input. It is experiential and VERY ITERATIVE TOO! I do follow an outline (as developed over 20 years) but not a script.
      I will continue to push onward and upward so buckle up!

      Warmth, Rocket

  • Hey Rocketman. SaturnDweller here. Longtime listener, third-time caller. I like your style, your vibe, your flow. Here on Saturn we take things slower than you guys do on earth. Slower around the sun, less gravity, more time to flow. I’m on the sixth planet from the sun. The seven key planets tie in with the seven sefirot, seven chakras, seven sacraments, seven days of the week (Saturday = Saturn Day). I want to suggest that your opening line “there is no such thing as 7 steps”..well, you may want to amend it. Here on Saturn we are careful with our statements because often it is a matter of time. Eg “no such thing as 7 steps to transform your business in ONE WEEKEND” – fair enough. “In one week”, fair enough. But what about in 7 years? or 7 lifetimes? Over on Planet Earth you have a book with a story about a man called Jacob who changes his destiny when he works 7 years to win his wife. It goes a bit haywire but he then works another 7 years. He went through the 7 steps twice, and he ended up transforming his name to ‘Israel’. 7 Steps Quick – perhaps not. But 7 Steps Slow…why not?

    • Wise words SaturnDweller but you’re on a different frequency indeed. You see here’s the difference: Jacob wasn’t given the script to read before the play began. He had no formula, no map and certainly no promised path to success. Sure, there were stories but he had to author his own words. In contrast, my story concentrates on those wise-cracking, bizpill-pushing, 7-step program-peddling fakeos that promise you the world and then hand you a busted compass. Nope, to navigate his path, Jacob Avinu had to map out the journey one step and one experience at a time; with each lesson learned along the way. He transformed himself for sure. But not by being told how to do it in advance. And that my planetary peep, is a very different path indeed.

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