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Do we really think that much about our choice of gum? Probably not. I don’t pay that close attention – unless I’m rushing into a meeting. And even then it’s out of fear of being sued by my client after permanently paralyzing the right side of their body thanks to my falafel breath. Nope, it’s a non-starter for me. The fact is, I’ve never cared much about the chewing gum I purchase… until now.

Eclipse by Wrigley has convinced me to care about my chewing gum procurement in the future.

It’s not that it’s soooooo amaaaaazing that it rocked my world. And let’s be honest for a sec. How different is chewing gum anyway? It’s all made of rubber, is full of chemicals and you chew it until you stop. However, that’s not what grabbed me about this particular purchase.

As soon as I pressed my chubby stick for a finger into that little package, I made a sweet discovery. It was mad love at first touch. I grabbed hold of a nifty little design feature that escaped me until now.

Take a look at the pic I took to share my new found design love with you chewing heathen. You will notice a little grip ‘thingy’ on the top right-hand corner of the packaging. Yup, that grip thingy!

Stop it. I can feel you mocking me. You pay me the big bucks to notice things like this and how could I not?!

The package design for our chewing gum has been sub par. I’m not talking graphics here but product design. I used to rip that lil’ cardboard wrapper clean away from the foil packets and be done with it until somebody over at Wrigley figured it out: GUM IS GUM. “We’ve spent millions on R&D and so have our competitors. We’ve spent even more on marketing and advertising and so have our competitors. The only thing left to set us apart is better packaging!” 

I say give that boy/girl a cookie and a fat raise.

What this really says to me (and should say to you) is that design matters. Every little detail counts. It makes me think that the people at Wrigley care about design and see something this small as a potential big gain if enough people will stop long enough to remember how frustrating it used to be to get those little pieces of gum free from their little foil nests. Ok, that part is still a bitch, but at least sliding the pack out from the sleeve is a breeze. Baby steps count too.

Wrigley has my attention. And I’ll never two-time Eclipse gum again.

Of course, this isn’t about the gum. It’s another plug about how good design matters and how even if we don’t notice it, We always notice it. Design matters. Have I said that already? Man, you peoples are a tough crowd!

Wrigley’s Eclipse Gum can be found at all fine (and not-so-fine) retailers.  


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  • I’ll never see gum the same again! Ever. Thanks for this entertaining and insightful post. Appreciate your awareness and taste.

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