Thank You For Helping Rocket Man Take Flight.


Family, I am all these things thanks to you. My crazy matches your crazy and we are a beautiful mess of wonder. Andrea Reynolds. Friend, and co-collaborator. You are simply extraordinary. Matthew Cowan. The smartest guy in the room. Your guidance, insight, and friendship are my rocket fuel. Ryan Horn. BizDev Jedi and first to call me Rocket Man! Donna Dowless. You continue to teach me that LOVE from the HEART, is an art. Bill Ebert. Cheerleader, unconditional supporter, and paradigm warrior. Kate Addicott. My bestest first mate and early ‘lab’ partner.  Peter Prothero. My big bro. Punch. I learned more from you about our craft than a thousand books. Marlene London. My big sister, collaborator, and co-dreamer. Elaine Pennington. The best teacher in the world, ever. Marty. SoulMama, you will always be part of my fabric.

— — —

Thanks to the Kendrick B. Melrose Family Foundation for your generosity and for providing a brilliant space for creativity, discovery, and collaboration. I spent hours working on my site at The Melrose Center, located at the OPL. If you live/work in the Orlando area, please visit and show your support for this amazing resource open to all Orange County residents.

Thanks to Guhan Thirumani for your Cookie Theme for WordPress. You’re très cool to give so much of your time and expertise to help me make this site awesome.

Thanks to Larry and Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar, Orlando. Much of this endeavor started at your place, literally on a napkin and copious cups of your fine brew.

Thanks to Jim Thomas, Joe Horan and all at Orlando Chamber of Commerce for such a warm welcome home.

Thanks to my new friend, Scott Mann, Founder/Creative Director at High Forge. You have given your time, smarts and savvy to help me get my social marketing shit together. I appreciate you and look forward to our future.